Calcrete filling

What is Calcrete?

Calcrete is a new material that has been introduced in the market. This material is made up of calcium carbonate, which is a mineral. It can be used as a substitute for cement and is available in different colors like white, gray and brown. It is a very durable product and an excellent alternative to cement because it is cheaper and more eco-friendly.

Calcrete is widely used in building construction projects.  From commercial buildings, industrial complexes to residential buildings. It is ideal for small to medium scale projects and is not only used as a replacement for cement but it can also be used as a substitute for brick or stone. 

calcrete filling

What is it used for?

This amazing product can be used for both interior and exterior walls.  The most common application of this material is in the construction of floors. It is also used in making concrete countertops, patios and walkways. Another great benefit of calcrete is that it is safer for people who suffer from allergies and it is very easy to clean.

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