building sand

the importance of building sand

Building sand is an extremely important component of the construction industry.  One can go as far as saying without sand, the construction industry wouldn’t exist.  That quite significant as the construction industry is one of the largest industries in the world! It has also been one of the most lucrative industries in the world, with an average annual growth rate of 10%. This has led to the creation of many large companies that have built their empires around the construction industry. The industry has also had a very profound effect on the economy as a whole. The industry is responsible for creating jobs for millions of people, and billions of dollars worth of goods and services.

As already mentioned, the most important construction material is building sand. It is used in the foundation of a building, its walls, flooring and many other structures. One of the reasons building sand is such a key building component is because it is so incredibly versatile.

macassar building sand

the many uses of sand

Sand can be used in (but is not limited to) any of the following construction processes:

  • Creating concrete or mortar. This is the most common use of sand in the construction industry.
  • Creating plaster. Plaster is used as a coating for walls, ceilings, and partitions. It hardens upon drying. In the history of construction, plastering is one of the oldest techniques.
  • Making of cement blocks. These blocks are used in many types of construction projects, including foundations, and retaining walls.
  • The production of glass for windows, mirrors, and glass doors.

The interesting thing about sand is that it can be molded into any shape that you want, making it useful in many different types of construction processes.  It is also very easy to work with. It is extremely lightweight, which makes it very easy to transport and manipulate and, most importantly, it is very inexpensive. We only stock the best quality building sand!  Head over to our online store and make your purchase. Remember, we have a minimum order quantity of 10m3 per order.  

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